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The Survivor Takes All… NOT ALWAYS

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Married without a Will in Pennsylvania? Do you think your surviving spouse will inherit everything? Think Again. For those assets that are not disposed of by Will, or by a beneficiary designation (i.e., 401(k), insurance proceeds, IRA) or by survivorship rights (i.e., tenancy by the entirety, joint tenancy with right of survivorship), Pennsylvania’s intestate law may  

Holographic Wills, A Good Idea or Not?

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A holographic Will is a handwritten Will made by a person that gives away their property upon their death. Pennsylvania may recognize this do-it yourself document as long as document disposes of property and is signed at the end, but you should not necessarily handwrite your own Will.  Pennsylvania courts frown upon such handwritten Wills and for  

All I Need Is A Simple Will

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Potential clients often tell me, “All I need is a simple Will.” I always respond, “No Will is simple.”  

Your Estate Plan is a Three-Movement Sonata

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You should consider your basic estate plan a three-movement sonata. Like a piece of music written for one or two instruments, your estate plan is written for you and your spouse (or partner). Sometimes your plan will have three documents, sometimes four or even more documents. Like the movements in a sonata, each document can be very different from each other in rhythm and in mood.