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We Believe Your Estate Plan is a Reflection of You. 

An estate plan is not just a Will.  A Will is just one component of your estate plan.  An estate plan considers your personal, family and financial issues relating to control and transfer of your assets during life and after death.  An estate plan considers tax and business planning issues, the transfer of assets, matters of pension, governmental benefits, medical care, family support and special needs considerations. An estate plan is more than just a document, it embodies your wishes and your hopes for your loved ones.

LaSota Law, LLC, is focused in following areas of estate planning:

  • Wills
  • Special Needs Trusts, Family Trusts, Marital Trusts
  • Trust and Estate Administration
  • Tax Planning
  • Fiduciary Trust Services
  • Business Succession Planning

Estate Planning Areas

Estate Planning

Clients at all income levels and with all kinds of families have estate planning needs.  Based on the client’s overall objective, family situations, and their gross estate, a client’s objective may be accomplished through a will, a trust, powers of attorney, health care directives, long-term health care, end of life care, life insurance and other planning vehicles.

Estate and Trust Administration

A death of a loved one often brings about a myriad of questions surrounding the loved one’s Will, the administration of the estate, and tax and probate issues.

To successfully navigate the administration process, an Executor or Administrator must be familiar with a multitude of areas, such as the probate process, federal estate tax issues and Pennsylvania inheritance law. Ignoring or short-cutting the administration process exposes the Executor or Administrator to potential liability. I often guide my clients through the pitfalls and potholes of the administration process, regularly answering questions including:

  • What is probate? Should the Will be probated with the Register of Wills?
  • How do I limit the time creditors can bring claims against the estate?
  • What are the filing deadlines and when should the federal estate and Pennsylvania inheritance tax be paid?
  • What happens if someone objects to the Will? What happens if someone objects to the administration of the Estate?
  • What happens if a person dies intestate with an insolvent estate? Who is responsible for the decedent’s debts?

Fiduciary Trust Services

We provide fiduciary trust services to 3rd party special educational trusts. We work closely with parents of special needs children to ensure that the needs of their children are being met through the 3rd party special educational trusts established by special education settlements.

Business Succession Planning

Many business owners are too absorbed on working in the business rather than on their business. The day-to-day tasks required to make the business successful leaves no time to plan for ownership and management changes that will inevitably occur. Planning for succession means planning for life changes such as mortality, disability, and retirement.

Orphans' Court Litigation

The Orphans’ Court serves to protect the property rights of persons and entities that may not be able to handle their own affairs.  Matters filed in the Orphans’ Court involve issues concerning minors, incapacitated persons, decedents’ estates, nonprofit corporations and trusts.

Sometimes the matter involves fiduciary litigation where a dispute may arise among beneficiaries and fiduciaries concerning a Will or a Trust.  Or the dispute could involve a breach of a duty owed by agent under a durable power of attorney.  Or it may even involve questions surrounding the interpretation of a Will or Trust.  The most effective strategy is to avoid fiduciary litigation altogether by preventing disputes from arising in the first place. 

Not all Orphans’ Court matters involve litigation.  The non-litigation side of Orphans’ Court can involve filing a request with the court for the appointment of a guardian for minor or an incapacitated person. Sometimes it may just be a question presented to the Court seeking permission to act or requesting a determination for decision made by a fiduciary.

Have a Question about Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney?

Have a general estate planning question?  LaSota Law can answer the question in a blog post.  What are you waiting for? Go ahead, ask.

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